We are in SBS!

Check out this article in SBS:  http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2016/03/14/migrants-arent-taking-our-jobs-theyre-creating-them

Simon*, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee, co-developed an app called SettleIn, which allows newly arrived refugees to communicate with case workers, share paperwork and documentation, and help plan and set goals to make the “settling in” process less stressful.

He and his team of seven – including Alice Brennan, a British aid worker specialising in psycho-social care for refugees, and Remi Duracher, a volunteer and co-founder of StartupSocial – conceived the idea at the inaugural TechFugees Australia Hackathon in November last year. Simon, Alice and Remi were subsequently accepted into an incubator program at Pollenizer to help get their start-up underway.

Simon tells SBS he helped to develop the app because he wanted to simplify the transition period for other newly-arrived refugees in Australia.

“I want people to learn from my experience,” he says. “If this app had existed [when I arrived], it would have helped me. It would have saved a great amount of time and money.”

Simon’s engineering studies were “interrupted by war” in 2015 when he was forced to flee Syria. He has been living in Australia for seven months and has been accepted to complete his studies at Western Sydney University on a scholarship.



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